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Phone Home

June 23, 2017

Phone Home

One of the most difficult things to accept in life is loss; loss of a loved one, a friend, a child a pet, or even loss of a home or city or country—perhaps in the case of war—whatever the loss, it is often very difficult to bear. We come into this life not realizing that we will be constantly in a state of flux, everything moving and changing around us; nothing is permanent, all seems impermanent.

I think so many people suffer from depression and stress for just this reason; they can’t seem to find anything to hang onto that gives them a sense of stability. Just when you think you are home-free, something goes wrong and loss rears its ugly head in your life.

But there are some things which are eternal, some things all of us can get a grip on which will always be with us. And when we discover them and get a good hold on them in our minds and hearts, things in our lives can really stabilize.

The Sanskrit word for eternal is sanatana. And there are three eternals we can learn about and hang onto which can give us strength and stability while we traverse this changing world. One is sanatana-dhama, which means the eternal sky. The eternal sky is the place where life never changes. It is the realm of God which is purely Spirit. It is a place we can eventually, after this life ends, go to if we focus our life on another eternal, the sanatana-dharma.

Sanatana-dharma means eternal relationship. It refers to the relationship we have as created beings to our Creator. Of course there will always be people who say we just somehow magically poofed into existence, but most people believe in a higher power, and this sanatana refers to that and our relationship of service to God. We are here to act like God, to love and be kind and compassionate to those around us. To create a better world for others in whatever way we are good at. For we all have gifts and it is up to us to use them for the betterment of all life on this planet, not just our home. So in that way, we are Godly and focussed on God and reminding ourselves daily of our sanatana-dharma, our eternal Servant of the Creator relationship. So do everything for God. Think about God, pray or talk to God. Do for God and God’s other creations. And love. Love all! Send love out! Be love in action. Love God with all your heart and mind and soul. Love God. Daily.

God created us to be with Him/Her eternally, not to be wandering around in some wacky wasteland of chaos, wondering what the heck we are doing here. And so instead of wondering, we need to start establishing a relationship with the Godhead and reaching out for our Creator so we can re-connect and get our lives back on track.

The third eternal is this. Because we are also sanatana, we are an eternal soul. Sanatana-jiva. We are an eternal creation which never dies, ever. We are made out of the same stuff that the Godhead is, sanatana material, spiritual building blocks, which can never be destroyed. We are spiritual aka sanatana energy and even the scientists know energy can only change its form it cannot be destroyed.

So here we are, our sanatana-jiva has taken on a different form having morphed into something that has outer clothing, an outer shape and size which doesn’t in anyway appear Godlike or “in His image” and we are seemingly stuck in it. But are we really? Stuck? No. We just need to focus on the eternal. The sanatana, the eternal God, location and our eternal soul, and put them all together and change our world to a better one.

How do we do that? The easiest is by phoning home. That’s where the mantra comes in. Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna, Hare Hare, Hare Rama, Hare Rama, Rama Rama , Hare Hare,

That’s God’s phone number. It will ring in the sanatana-dhama. It will revive your sanatana-jiva when you say it. It will remind you of your sanatana-dharma when you do it, and help you find stability and strength in a world of torment and chaos.

So phone home everyday. Talk to God and reestablish your eternals. You are not alone. You are just an extra-terrestrial. You’re from another place.

Phone home!

Hare Krishna.

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