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Introduction and Bio


Hare Krishna!

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Abhidheya Devi Dasi. I am a follower of an Indian lineage (denomination) called the Gaudiya Vaisnava Sampradaya. Its adherents are known colloquially by the term Hare Krishna.

What most people do not know is this lineage goes back to the dawn of time and is not a forty year old religion. It is in fact part of the oldest system of faith on the planet, a system dedicated to the propagation of God awareness, the recognition and honouring of the visitations of God, the translation, comprehension and promotion of the Words of God as given in the Vedas, and methods to interact personally and in community with God.

It is also a faith that encourages those who wish to understand the deepest knowledge concerning God and God’s Creation, to find a teacher or guru to help them along the way.

To that end, I sought such an instructor, an individual who lives a more renounced way of life. And after many years of investigation and study, I asked to be confirmed into the faith with what is called an initiation ceremony (it would correspond to a Baptism except fire is involved). It was at that event, that my guru and dear friend, Bhaktimarga Swami, gave me the special name of Abhidheya Devi Dasi. Abhidheya is a Sanskrit word meaning ‘the path of devotion’. Devi Dasi means ‘servant of Krishna/God’.

Being God Conscious is the most important thing we as human beings can strive for. It is essential that in our daily lives, we understand we are not alone and ‘lost out here in the stars’, but are in fact, the created children of a loving God.

To be Krishna Conscious, it is not necessary that one change one’s religion, only that the individual strive deeply to follow the tenets of the faith they have been born into. But how many people actually follow their faith or even understand it? I grew up Christian and still consider myself to be one. By studying the Vedas I have in fact improved my understanding of Christianity and find it even easier to embrace that faith.

My goal, with this blog, is to share some of the knowledge I have learned during my studies of the Vedas, in the hope that this humble offering will be of some assistance to others on their spiritual quests,

Thank you and Hare Krishna,

Your servant,

Abhidheya Devi Dasi



Please feel free to contact me through this blog.  Simply leave a comment on this page. All comments are read by me before being posted and I can get in touch with you that way without publishing what you have written if that is what you prefer.

You can also get in touch with me on twitter. My address is @Abhidheya_dd

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